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Feeling Stressed and Anxious? Find Out How Diamond Painting Can Help
01.05.2022 | annebuy | ALL Blog

If you're feeling a little more stressed and anxious than normal lately, you're not alone. The worldwide pandemic has just about everyone feeling a little on edge. Many of us have had our regular routines interrupted. And, there are all kinds of things that are concerning us like finances, health, and loneliness.

It's easy to get caught up in worrying about all the unknowns. 😟 But doing that is bad for our mental health and that's where diamond painting can help.

Disclaimer: Before I jump into all the ways diamond painting is an anxiety-relieving activity, let me give a little disclaimer: No craft is a substitute for professional mental health services. If you're struggling with anxiety, don't be afraid to reach out to a licensed therapist for help. But, even if you're meeting with a therapist, diamond painting can be a great activity for you to engage in to help with anxiety.

Focus your attention on your diamond painting

Our minds are busy. And, we have a choice to either let our thoughts choose us or to choose what we're going to think about. When life is stressful, it's easy for your thoughts to be filled with all of the things that you are worried about. 🤔

That's why you need to actively choose what to focus your mind on. Working on a diamond painting project when you're feeling stressed does just that. Instead of being lost in your thoughts, you focus on your project.

You're focused on making sure you're using the right beads and that you're getting everything placed in exactly the right spot. While it may not seem like a LOT to think about, it's just enough to take your attention off your problems.

Have something to look forward to

Let's be honest, we're all looking forward to this pandemic being over and life returning to "normal". But we aren't sure exactly when to expect that which can make it tricky to plan things for the next month or longer. 📅

But having something to look forward to is great at helping to fight stress and anxiety. Diamond painting can help fill that void. You most likely aren't going to sit down and complete the entire project at once. The kits are projects you can work on overtime.

It's exciting as you see your picture start to come together. 🤩 And, working on it can become addicting. I find myself looking forward to completing the other household or work projects I have, so I can get back to my diamond painting kit.

You don't have to "figure it out"

It can be exhausting to have issues in life that you can't figure out. It's stressful as you try to run through the options to find an answer. And, that's what a lot of things feel like for us right now.

A diamond painting kit is a perfect project to work on because it's something to enjoy that you don't have to solve. You can work on it for any amount of time that you want. And, every time you walk away, you feel good that you made progress and accomplished something. ✅

It's the perfect way to give your brain a break.

Use up some of that nervous fidgeting

When I'm stressed or anxious, I tend to get fidgety. As my mind races, it makes my body want to move as well. And, if I just sit and worry, I can feel the tension building up in my body.

Diamond painting helps me use some of this energy. Even though it's a simple movement that I can do from sitting in a chair, it's enough to give my body something productive to focus my nervous energy on.

And, there are a few ways that I can alter this to switch it up from time to time. Sometimes, I'll work on my kitchen island so I can stand as I work on a kit. Sometimes I put it at the dining room table where I can sit. And, if I want to get a little extra moving in, I keep my supply of beads 💎 away from where I'm working. Then, when I need to switch colors it forces me to get up and do a little moving as I walk to get my next batch of beads.

And, it's just fun!

When you struggle with anxiety, it's helpful to do activities you enjoy. Diamond painting is fun!! I love seeing the picture come together as I make progress. And, I love having something that I can sit and work on without having to overly think about it.

If you're feeling stressed and anxious in the midst of life right now, choose a kit that represents something you love or are passionate about and get to work. You'll feel a little stress melt away as your focus shifts and you'll end up with a beautiful piece of art for your wall. It's a win-win!! 😃