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DIY Sewing-62pcs Multi-functional Domestic Sewing Machine Presser Feet Set

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62 kit presser feet, very practical.
Suitble for most of household multi-functional sewing machines.
Beautifully packaged and easy to store.

Quantity: 1 set (62pcs)
Case size(L*W*H): Approx.310*280*30mm/12.09"*10.92"*1.17"
Color: as shown
Package Weight: Approx.633g

Package includes 62pcs presser feet, the listing as below:

1.Stitch Guide Foot;
2.Universal Presser Foot;
3.Open Toe Foot;
4.Zipper Foot;
5.Nail Button Pressing Foot;
6.Plastic Invisible Zipper Presser Foot;
7.(A9) Applique Foot;
8.Round Bead Foot.
9.Sewing Presser Foot;
10.Satin Stitch Foot;
11.6 mm Roll of Lace Presser Foot;
12.Zig Zag Foot;
13.Open Toe Embroidery Foot;
14.Large Opening Presser Foot;
15.Cording Foot;
16.1/4" Quilting Foot;
17.Braiding Foot
18.Standard Presser Foot;
19.Straight Stitch Foot;
20.1/4" Quilting Foot;
21.Overcast Foot;
22.5 Hole Cording Foot;
23.7 Hole Cording Foot;
24.Edge Joining Foot;
25.Double Welting Foot;
26.Invisibile Zipper Foot;
27.Fringe Foot.
28.Adjustable Bias Tape Binder Foot;
29.Gathering foot/ Welting foot/ Shirring foot;
30.3 mm Narrow Edge Presser Foot;
31.6 mm Wide Edge Presser Foot;
32.3 mm Roll of Lace Presser Foot;
33.Roller Foot;
34.Sewing Beads Presser Foot.
35.Buttonholing Presser Foot;
36.Darning Foot Low Shank;
37.Blind Stitch Foot;
38.Darning Foot;
39.Zipper Foot Low Shank;
40. Kint Foot;
41.7-Groove Pintuck Foot;
42.9-Groove Pintuck Foot
43.Iron open presser foot
44.low shank iron open presser foot
45.Metal invisible zipper
47.Small zipper
48.Positioning presser foot
49.Stud side whipstitch
50.iron blind stitch presser foot
52.No gear side whipstitch

53.A coarse tucker with 5 grooves

54.A Eccentric thcker with 7 groove

55. Single pin pleating foot

56.A thin material presser foot with a tight stitch

57.A quarter inch of plastic quilthin presser foot

58.Invisible arc presser foot

59.Taiwan batching no.4

60.Taiwan batching no.6

61. Fanghua's type 700 qresser foot

62.?Fanghua's type 505 qresser foot

The product is not suitable for household old Sewing Machine,mini sewing machine,industrial sewing machine,high handle sewing machine and inclined handle sewing machine.

Package Content:
1 Set X Sewing Machine Presser Foot(62pcs)